California Song

from by Thad Bradley



With apologies to my California friends. One day I got really tired of hearing songs about California, restaurants named California Dreaming, and nail salons called LA Nails, so I wrote this rant/song.


San Andreas give us a break take the Golden State down in a great big quake. I take it back Cali don't mean you ill will, but all your California dreamin's just makin me ill. Bards and poets always singin your praises. They're turnin out the fads and the short lived crazes. Lubed up hyped up glitter machine. I've had just about enough of the California dream. Well I ain't sick yet but it won't be long if I choke down one more California song. A flower in your hair and a perma-tan dream. Permanent feed tube video stream. Fashion plate dictate all our aspirations. Blind kids following with no hesitation. Hollywood stars going carbon neutral. 37 cars, man that gig is fruitful. Gonna save the earth gonna tell us all. Gonna choke on your smog and your urban sprawl. Well they've been shovelin it to me for my whole life and they're the ones who really living but I know thats wrong well I ain't sick yet but it wont be long if I choke down one more California song. Sing about Alaska sing about Nebraska sing about Saskatoon and Kalkaska talkin Caledonia and Coeur d'Alene Brunswick and Bangor in the state of Maine Pontiac Sanilac Macon Medina shout out to Rock Hill South Carolina shout out t'all my brothers in the Great Lakes state where my friends don't care about being some fashion plate we're all out here loving our lives don't give a damn bout some Hollywood hand jive. So keep it, Cali. Thank you very much.


from Better Late, released January 1, 2015
Words and music by Thad Bradley
Thad Bradley: guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals
Mastered by Jim Grant, Chicken Little Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Thad Bradley Rock Hill, South Carolina

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