Black Socks

from by Thad Bradley



An homage to my nephew David, who doesn't let bipolar disorder get in his way.


Black Sock's livin but it ain't always easy. Sometimes he feels the rain although it's sunny and breezy. He's keepin his chin up yeah he's tryin so hard. Tryin to play a loner with some trumped up cards yeah. You'd never know the battles left some real good scars no. Come on Black Socks don't be afraid cause we all love you since the day you were made and you gonna make ti through. Black Sock doesn't own a shirt with a logo. You won't catch him dead with Abercrombie or Polo. No slave to fashion to no corporate man fightin the power with basic black or tan yeah and sometimes when he ramble on I don't understand. Come on Black Sock it just ain't true that some bad apples messin round with me and you cause we are family and you will see that the sun's beatin down the street its reflectin off your feet and you knew all the while that black socks, too, will shine. Black Socks finished with his college tuition. Mad skills on piano gonna come to fruition yeah. Come on Black Socks let's hear you play cause that time you played Scriabin nearly blew me away and you gonna play that tune real soon. Come on Black Socks get ready to fly cause we're flying in formation cross the great big sky and I know that you can fly. Black Sock's comin!


from Better Late, released January 1, 2015
Words and Music by Thad Bradley
Thad Bradley: guitars, bass, drums, vocals
David Vogel: piano
Mastered by Jim Grant, Chicken Little Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Thad Bradley Rock Hill, South Carolina

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