N of S Dakota

from by Thad Bradley



A tip o' the hat to my heroes, Led Zep. Wish I could do it like they could!


Things are getting heavy life is wearin me down Pack me in my pickup get me outta this town Too many streets too many choices Too many megaphone irrelevant voices Technicolor billboards everywhere you can see Bumper sticker prophets tell me how it should be People drivin like they’re racin like they’re comin to get me try to ease up on the pedal but they just wont let me Grab me my doggy and a six pack of soda gonna head for the plains I’m goin N of S Dakota I’m sellin all my dishes and I’m sellin my toys had enough of the clutter had enough of the noise I’m tryin to get ahead but I feel like I’m losin I’m buyin this lie but it’s just an illusion Need me some space I need me some air I need 27 counties not another soul there Wanna get a tin shack and a bottle of whisky wanna be in a place where no one miss me Wanna sit crossed legged meditate like Yoda gonna have a quiet life I'm headin N of S Dakota I’m tired of talking heads and their precious advice Parasitic predators high tech lice This world wide spider web is too high a price So I’m gonna hit the road I’m gonna lock and unload And you won’t see me no more Some times I wonder just what have we built have we got no pride have we got no guilt We build disposable towers spin our sickly little webs And we leave them standing empty when the good time ebbs But don’t look at me I got no answers for ya I’m the son of sprawl I’m movin N of S Dakota
Need a satellite dish and some reruns of Rhoda so I’m shakin this town I’m heading N of S Dakota I’m headin N of S Dakota


from Better Late, released January 1, 2015
Words and music by Thad Bradley
Thad Bradley: guitars, bass, drums, piano, vocals
Mastered by Jim Grant, Chicken Little Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Thad Bradley Rock Hill, South Carolina

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